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August 24, 2001

Latest Clinical Trials Show Beagles Eat Anything

Congratulations to Janis Detloff, winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was George's Mom for:

    "We've secretly replaced Spenser's kibbles with freeze-dried crystals. Let's see if he notices."

The other captions:

  • Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning................ -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • Just what the doctor ordered! -- Seamus Eng
  • Food therapy. Just what the beagle ordered. -- Cara
  • I know osmosis won't work, can I eat a degree? -- Michelle Mikesh
  • Spenser tests the theory of knowledge absorbtion. -- Michelle Mikesh
  • Here at Chez Kramer, it's Italian roast with our scones -- Meg Az.
  • Hopkins coffee, good to the last lick! -- Dianne H.
  • Nothing like that first cup 'o joe in the morning to get my nose a sniffin! -- Emmitt's Mom
  • Hopkins has gone to the dogs! -- Doodle bug
  • Ok, the Doc said all I had to do was let the superglue weaken and this cup will come right off! -- Brenda Gardner
  • Spenser is flunking Johns Hopkins experiment on 'depleting ones appetite'. -- KimK
  • You can lead a beagle to knowledge but you can't make him think -- C Siding
  • You can lead a beagle to knowledge but you can't make him stop barking -- C Siding
  • Always anxious for self-improvement, Spenser drinks from the cup of knowledge. -- Janiece, Bo, Annie and Maggie
  • Spenser detects a few molecules of beef from last night's dinner in the coffee residue. -- Dawn Eng
  • Staying healthy with Johns Hopkins Hospital! -- Sol Hecht
  • I hope I got the placebo. -- D. Philp
  • "A cup of chicken soup. Just what the doctor ordered." -- Spencer C. Beegle
  • If Mom gets any stingier with the food rations I WILL be in the hospital!! -- Georgia M.
  • Dr. Spenser is on his coffee break after making his rounds. -- Lisa Sousa
  • Please don't tell Mr. Hopkins -- Erin Coffey
  • Okay, who's the wise guy that put super glue in the bottom of my mug? -- Tim Sousa
  • Spenser takes a coffee break from his daily duties -- Laura DeCotiis
  • Dr. Spenser finishes his breakfast before making his morning rounds. -- Melissa
  • After a full night of studying for his college exam, Spenser finds it hard to get un-hooked -- Reagler
  • Although you cannot tell from the outside, this mug contains: worms, dirt, and bugs! -- Beagler
  • I will stay awake... I will stay awake... I will stay a-w-aa-kk-eee.... -- Wrigley
  • A cup, a bowl, a hole in the yard...doesn't matter what it's in, I'll eat it. -- Sherine Beltran
  • Like all men, Spenser thirsts for knowledge...knowledge and power tools. -- Rosalie
  • hmmm...for some reason i dont remember my name being johns hopkins, ahhh oh well it tastes good though -- Beaglelover#1
  • Results from a prestigious medical school study : Beagle noses can analyze DNA -- sam,zoey and romeo campbell
  • I Just can't face the morning without my cup of Joe -- E.W. Maddix
  • Nurse, a cup of kibble, stat! -- Scott Klein
  • I sure hope this cures my anorexia! -- Casey R. from Beagle Heaven
  • please sir can I have some more -- tanya nicholls
  • "I thought the BARF diet consisted of chicken and turkey." -- Casey M. Gooddog
  • Hey Toots, gimme another cup of joe! -- Abby & Kiki
  • Cafe au lait a la Johns Hopkins is what any civilized beagle wants for breakfast. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • Spenser would rather have Ben and Jerry's, but if Johns Hopkins is all there is, so be it. -- Rosalie
  • This is goooooood coffee! -- regal begal
  • This John Hopkins guy is a GREAT chef! -- Jeannie Hanson
  • Dr. Spenser, renowned Beagle, gulps down his secret brew to become Mr. T, a crazed Jack Russell. -- Muggsey, JRT, Philadelphia
  • Don't bother me before I've had my first cup of coffee. -- Muggsey, JRT, Philadelphia
  • Spenser drinks from the cup of knowledge -- Caron, Drew, and Virginia
  • Spenser pays the price for a failed nose cloning experiement -- Drew, Caron, and Virginia