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Chronicling the life of Clayton and Spenser, with memories of Scooter.

April 6, 2009

First off I want to point out that Spenser climbed up on the Coolaroo without any prodding, and in fact last week he was laying on it in the evening. So maybe that was not money wasted. And speaking of money, let me tell you about the patio. We got our estimate last Friday. Realize that in addition to the patio proper, we wanted the step in front of the house to be done in pavers, the dog steps recreated with pavers, and two side paths, one to the gate at the driveway and the other around the house to the other patio. Anyone care to take a guess at the estimate? Well, you're WRONG. They want $7,800 to do the work. Can you BELIEVE IT?? That's thirteen pairs of glasses for crying out loud. We're going to find out what they would charge just to do the main area, nothing else. I still get the feeling it will be too expensive, however, and we'll have to get some more estimates.

Incidentally, many thanks to all you organic horticulturalists who wrote in with suggestions on killing the weeds. Vinegar! Who knew?? I bought a gallon on Saturday and as soon as the temperature hits the 70s, I'll be out there with a giant spray bottle. Or rather, Phillip will be out there with a giant spray bottle and I'll be out there with my camera.