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April 28, 2006

Supposedly, this is a genetic trait.

Congratulations to Kllightcap,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was Jody Rich for:

Note the short landing gear and oversized flaps characteristic of a heavy bomber.
(How prescient!)

The other captions:

  • Stink weed!!! -- Ben
  • Lick your lips. Prepare to start clearing the mustard weeds. Go! -- carlsca
  • Bet you can't do this ... Oh yeah? Try it! -- Vickie
  • that dog loves flowers -- miranda hardesty
  • Daisies! My favorite! -- Momma Dog Kim
  • mmmmm bunny poo -- Joan Holcomb
  • Hmmmm . Dognip. -- Bennie's mom.
  • Organic beagle -- Judy S
  • Mmmm - Vegameatavegiman! Natrually good! -- Bobbie
  • Clayton decides he doesn't approve of the Raw Foods movement -- Otis Lonpaws
  • Put your tongue on your nose... Beeep! You lose! Simon didn't say it! -- M. Wold
  • eating your greens is never fun -- maggie moo's mum
  • This stuff is so good, even my tongue doesn't smell like dog breath. -- oldgrandpa
  • Yummm....spring tastes almost as good as a Scooby Snack--almost!! -- Jake in Dallas
  • I love the smell of fresh dirt in the morning! -- Tonya
  • That was a scrumptious tasty morsel -- K9ster
  • For my next trick, I will cover my eyes with my ears -- Rusty's Dad
  • It's a flower-beagle! -- lois & Andy B
  • Those pesky rabbits! They hid my special dessert in the flower patch, but "the nose knows!". -- Barb Shaw
  • yummmy..nothing quite like spring grass! -- Chester and Diana Beagle's Mommie
  • shortly after the bunny was caught.... -- jc
  • CEO (Chief Eating Officer) Clayton Kramer is quite the entree-preneur. -- Jody Rich
  • Spring is in the air... Ahhh the sweet taste of spring... -- Whisky Girl's "Mom"
  • Shh - be wery, wery quiet - I'm hunting wabbits! -- Cody beagle's fan club
  • Darn Allergies. -- Amy and Roxy the Beagle
  • Mmmm..Nothing like the taste of the wild..... -- Daisy Beagle's mommy.....
  • Tasty as a cup of fine after dinner coffee -- Mark Schenkman
  • There's no taste like deer poop...There's no taste like deer poop... -- Amber
  • Ahhh!! Pollen!! no hands!! what do i do? oh, yeah. forgot for a sec. -- heyheyhey
  • Hearing that Gene Simmons fractured his tongue, Clayton auditions for the back up job with KISS! -- 1-0-1
  • you're suppose to stop and smell the flowers..not lick them -- max's pack
  • The newest addition to our family -- Lisa Larson
  • Man, I hate it when those flowers tickle my nose!! -- Lisa Larson
  • Clayton discovers the "nip" in catnip! -- Benny's Mom in Wisconsin
  • tastes like chicken! -- mitsretlow
  • Mmmmm-mmmm-mmm! Poop aged to perfection! -- 1-0-1
  • See I told you I could touch my nose with my tongue! -- Bekah Ray
  • Wow! I didn't know boogers tasted so good! -- RR
  • The new spring line up from John Deere. The WeedEaterBeagle. -- NV
  • Allergies giving the rabbits a head start? Just 1 Fourleggra a day will get you back in the hunt! -- Beaglemania
  • ah, the sweet, sweet smell of BBQ in springtime! -- Phil S.
  • I bet you can't lick the top of your nose!! Yep Yep...I did it! -- Patty Piper
  • Performance artist Clayton acts out Descarte's lesser known "It stinks; therefore, I eat." -- Joie de Beagle
  • Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Time. More than just a song, a meal fit for a Beagle! -- Pippi Parr
  • don't make me run again i have something in my nose -- natalie
  • Yes! I can touch my nose after all this time! -- Annie =]
  • Have to clean my nose so I can smell better! -- Meg LaValley
  • Clayton's response to having Scooby Snacks for supper, "Mmm, mmm, good!" -- Scooby's Mom
  • Hmmm! Tastes like chicken. -- Melissa and Brandy
  • Look Mom, I can touch my tongue to my nose! Bet you can't do it. -- Nikki Girl's Momma
  • i'm not licking the inside of my nose i'm pointing at my brain -- bridget&robby
  • "Ahhh, the taste of genuine sunshine after a long winter...." -- Meg Gooddog
  • Nothing tastes better than a warm beagle-nose! -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • "Licorice!" -- Zoey Gooddog
  • The nice thing about tongue stretches is that you can do them anywhere. -- Beaglemom with Stickley and Wynnie
  • Gosh! was that good?! -- Frances
  • Sometimes it's hard to tell if my tongue smells good or if my nose tastes good. -- Ben
  • Poop du Jour -- Scout's Better Half
  • Mmmm this is some good weed!!!!!! -- Chris Sanchez
  • Ah, Spring. Ah-Choo!! -- Cheryl G. & Sammy Jo
  • I didn't think they were serious when they said my face would freeze this way.... -- alyce
  • yes, i can touch my nose with my tongue!!! -- Jane