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April 5, 2002

I'm dead. Can't you see I'm dead?
Why are you still torturing me??

Congratulations to Muggsey, JRT, Philadelphia,
winner of this week's caption contest!

This week's runner-up was KK for:

    On a whim, Spenser requests a French Manicure instead of the usual "Frosted Bisque" polish.

The other captions:

  • When this is finished you can have your massage and mud bath. -- Joan
  • The things I go thru to be more handsome. -- Barkely's Mom
  • Phil would you please hurry up........... -- MaryAnn Michaels
  • It's hard work maintaining my stellar good looks. -- Emmitt's Mom
  • And when you're done with my pedicure, I'd like to get a massage. -- Chip and Annie Beagle
  • Please put a high gloss on my nails...I have a date tonight. -- Spike
  • This pedicure is great but I can't wait for the mud pack! -- Karen Davis
  • You tricked me!!!! I thought you were going to rub my belly!!! -- William L Davis
  • After you are done with this i was thinkin sauna,bubble bath...... you know....the works. . . -- sniffer
  • A day at the spa: after a relaxing full-body massage there is nothing like a pedicure. -- Betty, beagle-wanna-be, Philadelphia
  • Beauty Tips from a Beagle -- Laura DeCotiis
  • The things I have to go through for a simple belly scratch. -- Maggie the Beagle
  • Spenser's weekly visits to the local spa are helping him with his relaxation protocols. -- the Chaos Beagles
  • "The massage and sauna were great, but the pedicure is definitely overrated." -- Duke
  • Time for my pawdicure -- K
  • Spenser ponders whether he is receiving a manicure or a pedicure. -- Chris Oberst
  • Hey Marge what happened to my soak in Palmolive -- nbc
  • I hate when they do this to me! Hurry up you are hurting me! -- Precious and BeBe Beagle
  • Palmolive really does make your paws softer! -- Beth Elder
  • First the trim, then the acrylics, then the airbrush. -- T. Hicks Syron
  • After my pedicure, I'd like a massage, and then a facial... -- Melissa
  • Wait, how much does this manicure cost? -- Emily And her loveable beagle
  • Although this was torture enough I knew that there were even more cruel methods to be used than this -- Arne Olsen
  • I should have paid him back the $20. -- Bob
  • "Cutting them is okay, but I draw the line at nail polish." -- Meg Gooddog
  • Duke was a sure thing I tell ya! A sure thing! -- Bob
  • "A pedicure makes me feel like such a sissy!" -- Casey Gooddog
  • Not every beagle has a physician to cut his toenails! -- Zoey Gooddog
  • "And then I told my friend Madge, "Madge" I said, "He's just a no good bum...and she said.... -- Penny
  • A Study in Stoic Resignation. -- Phoebe Gooddog
  • This week on the WWF, Stone Cold takes on the Woofinator... -- Bucky
  • Unbeknown to anyone, Captain Siding had secretly taken up a second job... -- Beagle Boy
  • Ah the good life! A massage, shampoo, manucure, make-up, and then a dinner at ''Chez Beagle'' -- Oriane Boucher, from Canada
  • "I'm gonna bleed to death! Oh, I know I'm gonna bleed to death! I'm gonna bleed to death!" -- Jenny T. Gooddog
  • this dog is dead, let me steal his paw! -- stabboon
  • Nailed yet again, Spenser gives up in despair. -- Rosalie
  • Look at cinnamon resting, getting a manicure. -- Jonathan
  • I hate it when the salon is booked and Dad has to do my pedicure instead! -- Emmitt Greene
  • Manicure, pedicure.... keeping the beauty sucks.... -- Larissa Furtado - Brazil
  • I would like for you to do a better job painting my nails this time! -- Buddy Davidson
  • OH NO!!!....HERE SHE COMES AGAIN!!!!!!!!! -- Tonya
  • I'll confess! Just not the nails, PLEASE, not the nails!!! --
  • I TOLD you these nail tips were NOT a good idea! -- Becky Rowe
  • Did I also mention I wanted the french nail look -- Marge Szyjka
  • So this is what is meant by a 'pet-acure.' -- Fred G. (the Dad) & Sammy Jo
  • Easy on the cuticles!! And make sure you silk-wrap! -- Michelle
  • when you're finished, massage my shoulders -- khan
  • Okay! I give up...the snack box is hidden behind the couch. -- Michelle in Phoenix
  • Clipping my nails again.... well at least I will get some girls!! -- Jessica Philp
  • Ahhhhh A Manicure!!!!!!!! -- Marie
  • major surgery -- Howard Knoebel
  • The Kramers practice Meditation Techniques for the Beagle -- Rosco's Mom
  • The things I put up with to be attractive to my sweet little ME ME!! --
  • Make sure you get my pinky, I think I have a hang nail. -- Lynne
  • How High the Moon!!!! -- Mike Charsinsky
  • You can torture me all you want, but I'm still not telling you where I buried Clayton's bones -- TjL
  • You can torture me all you want, but I'm still not telling you where I buried Matisse -- TjL
  • Today on "The Makeover Story".... -- TjL
  • I think maybe a nice shade of red this time, and don't forget the high buff... -- TjL
  • Spenser can't bear to watch as the little piggy who stayed home feels the guillotine's coup de grace -- Ruby
  • Thank goodness it's just Clip not that SNIP again! -- sammy and romeo