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Canine Lymphoma (or Lymphosarcoma) is a scary-sounding disease that affects middle aged or older dogs of either gender. It is the "C" word. And, it is never a diagnosis you want to hear about your beloved pet, who generally appears normal in the disease's early stage. However, with veterinary science improving every day, there are treatment choices available. As with most medical conditions, the responsiveness of your pet to any treatment protocol will vary according to his/her age and overall health, and how early the disease is detected.


Lymphoma indicates a systemic problem has been created within the body's cells. Originating with a tumor, irregular cells can be carried through the lymphocytes to lymph nodes located throughout the body. It can be concentrated in one area, or in the more common form called Multicentric Lymphoma, it can occur anywhere in the body where there is lymph tissue.

Treatment: Left completely untreated, a dog's chances of survival are not good. If the veterinarian or veterinary oncologist determines that a dog is a good candidate with a healthy immune system, Chemotherapy is one possibility. Caught early, there is a 75% chance of achieving remission.

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