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(Semper Paratus)

A very special and courageous Beagle has recently passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Please join us in paying tribute to Jayhawk, a Katrina dog who was saved by the U.S. Coast Guard and rescued, fostered and loved by Cindy and Gary Peterson of Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue in Prairieville, Louisiana.



In the words of Jayhawk's foster Mom, Cindy:  
"Jayhawk came to us post-Katrina, on September 29, 2005. He was rescued by the Coast Guard and was living on the base until he had to find another place to go.  He was named for the Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter which was used in Katrina rescues.

A lady heard about Jayhawk's plight and brought him to Baton Rouge. She had him vaccinated, and called Hokie's Hounds Beagle Rescue.  We took him in, had him neutered, and treated him for heartworms. We posted his information on Petfinder's Katrina rescue board.

 A young lady contacted us and said she thought he was their family dog, but that she and her parents were separated and staying in different states, unsure

of what the future would hold. When I finally spoke with her parents, they indicated that they weren't sure if he
was their dog (although they did live near the Coast Guard base),  and they could not afford to care for the dog
since they had no place to stay themselves. They surrendered him to Hokie's Hounds.






Jayhawk was a fuzzy-faced boy, more hound than Beagle. For the first 6 months that we had him he would pace
back and forth in the yard whenever a thunderstorm approached. He took on the role of "yard foreman", a role he
took quite seriously. He did not stay in the "Beagle bungalow" on the futons with the other dogs. He stayed outside,
sleeping in the same spot in the yard, in order to be at the ready should he be needed.


Most of the time we called Jayhawk by his other name, "Semper Paratus" (Always Ready- the Coast Guard motto and service song). Jayhawk was a proud boy. One of our favorite memories of him was when Gary would sit at the computer and Jayhawk would sit on his lap, paws "conducting" while the (Coast Guard) anthem played.

Our boy passed away on Christmas Day due to acute necrotizing Pancreatitis. The vet said that this type of Pancreatitis moves very quickly and is "unforgiving", but he felt that it was good that he was at the clinic and that he did not suffer. He'll be sorely missed."



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