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I cannot adequately express the sense of loss that I felt upon learning of Scooter's passing. It evokes such a bittersweet mix of happy memories and sad thoughts. He was a wonderful pet- full of life and energy and he shared endless joy and love with his caring owners, Phillip and Laurie Kramer.

I had the pleasure of first making "the Patooter's" acquaintance about 6-1/2 years ago at a Beaglefest. And, in the years that followed he and his 2 tri-colored brothers were always gracious hosts when the time came for the semi-annual Kramer Beaglefests.

He was about the same age as my dog Virginia is, and they would hang out and play together. Sometimes, following a Beaglefest, Scootie would chase Virginia around a big fir tree in the yard. He would bump her with his butt to entice her to play, and she would be a hussy and bark back at him to tell him to mind his manners. The behavior would go on for awhile and leave us all in stitches. :)


He was a very self-sufficient little character. He was perfectly content to amuse himself out in the yard. There aren't many Beagles I'm aware of that enjoy fetching, but Scooter was truly one of the all-time greats. You could throw a tennis ball for him to retrieve until your arm was ready to fall off- he was still game. And he'd come back all content with his trademark happy tail that hooked way over his back.

The sharpness of the pain of any loss reminds us of our own mortality and the passage of time. But the loss of a beloved pet resonates particularly harshly for devoted pet owners. How perfectly ridiculous that the allotted time they have to share with us is so brief. But while our sorrow in their passing is transient, the memories they leave behind are indelibly etched in our hearts.

RIP Scooter Pie
We will proudly drink our daily coffee in your memory.






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